Jellyfishes at Monterey Aquarium, USA (1)

For the following Saturdays (my time), I will be showing a series of jellyfishes.CIMG5227

These pictures were taken by my wife earlier this year as part of her visit which involved travelling 5400 miles in the National Parks of the South West and a return trip from Las Vegas back to San Francisco via the Pacific Highway.

The jellyfishes at Monterey Aquarium are just fascinating!


48 thoughts on “Jellyfishes at Monterey Aquarium, USA (1)

  1. I love jellyfish. Love them. I often use them as inspiration for art works actually. I love the way the ones in this photo are glowing against that blue water. Brilliant photo. I very much look forward to seeing the other photos in this jellyfish series.

  2. Beautiful! We have been to the Aquarium at Monterey several times when our daughters were young. It is a wonderful place to visit along with Cannery Row which is right next door. It is also fun to sit by the window at El Torito Resturant, which is also down the street from the Aquarium at and watch the sea otters play. “-)

  3. Beautiful photograph this Michael. We lived about 2 hours south of Monterey for almost 20 years and took the kids visiting to the aquarium several times over the years. A truly wonderful place, thank you for reminding me of some happy times πŸ™‚

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