The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Playful

Have you ever squeezed your head and arms through a tiny window?

Even I was a child, I have never done that. Maybe, I wasn’t adventurous or playful.

I could remember a child squeezing his head between two vertical bars and was unable to withdraw until the firemen were called to the scene.

Dor Dor is playful.295035690_5e7f9d87aa_z

When he was a puppy, he liked to squeeze his head and arms through the tiny window of his kennel.

This was how he looked.

He is clever too, he hasn’t been doing that when he grew bigger!

PS ย photo the courtesy of my friend CP Chan

18 thoughts on “The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Playful

  1. it was my childhood mission to fit in to as many small places as possible. I think I would still try to do that now if it wasnt that people might think I’m crazy and try to have me sectioned!!

  2. Oh this just won my heart. I’m glad he’s clever, my poor little dog didn’t get that she couldn’t do things like that until she got stuck, and my mom and I had to get her head out of the stairway railing. She whimpered and yelped, but we never had to extract her again.

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