Abandoned House, Abandoned Cow

Those who have been following me may remember I have posted a series Β on “Abandoned”.

Just yesterday, I revisited the place where there were abandoned houses and abandoned cows.

I took some pictures which I have not been able to take in my last visit – mainly because of accessibility and adverse lighting.

Here are the photos taken at a place known as “Chickens Under a Tree:, near to the border with Mainland, China.CIMG5630

The plants and vines have grown so much up on the roof, overwhelming the whole building.

Readers maybe surprised why this house is abandoned even though it looked quite new.

I wish I knew – the people once resided there has abandoned farming as local vegetables no longer have a market and they may even have emigrated.

You can see that vines have climbed up the gate on ground level too.CIMG5632

The second picture was taken at the beach where I have taken a similar photo with about 20 cows lying there last time.

This time, there is only a lone cow, just woke up and stood there on the beach.

Apparently, he was abandoned by his mates, but the whole flock was abandoned by the villages when they decided to abandon farming.

This cow has sand smeared all over its face, making it looked grotesque.

Nobody likes to be abandoned, it must be bitterly!


35 thoughts on “Abandoned House, Abandoned Cow

  1. It would indeed be interesting to learn why such a recent building has become a ruin. At least it’s going derelict in an attractive way with all that foliage taking over. It reminds me of a place called Concrete City that my husband and I visited back in April. It was built as modern housing in the early 20th Century but was quickly abandoned because the houses were damp. Efforts to raze the buildings failed – they were built to last – so the whole development was just left to be taken over by surrounding woodland, though even they didn’t encroach on the actual buildings. (Should you wish to read more about it, the relevant post on my blog is here: http://pictinpa.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/poconos-day-2-rustbelt-decay/)

    • Oh yes, indeed, Michael, I agree – I think I saw your images as a kind of allegory of human abandonment really. There is too much emphasis on money in our world and not enough on caring about each other. We can all do our little bit to look out for others. πŸ™‚

    • The doors and windows are locked. As I explained, they have abandoned farming and have either emigrated or are working in the city. The building is still kept in a good condition (except the vines on the roof). Regards, Michael

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