Impressions of Autumn (4)

One of the the best Autumn views I ever have was at Shirakawa-go, Japan.DSC_0203

Color foliage was everywhere as we strolled in the valley with A-frame farm houses.DSC_0184

The sight by the river was all the more colorful and peaceful.DSC_0214

Autumn was in the air, they made a joyful note!


49 thoughts on “Impressions of Autumn (4)

  1. No autumn is as spectacular as the Japanese. On my first visit to Japan I choose period carefully to be able to experience the foliage and it was perfect 🙂 Still did not have the chance to blog about it but love those picture of yours. Thanks for sharing! So pretty!

  2. Hey Michael Lai,

    This is just not right! You can’t hold me back like this with your stunning pictures… every single one of them! 🙂 Okay, so you know I’m not mad at you. But I am crazy about these photographs. Thank you for sharing. So beautiful… can’t pull my eyes away.

    • Hi, great to hear from you!
      I am glad that you like my pictures.
      You must be a prolific writer – I am sure you are good at words too.

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