Impressions of Autumn (5)

The Autumn views in Hokkaido are quite different from those of say, Shirakawa- go in Japan which I have uploaded in my last post.011A

Here are a couple of forest view which I have taken in Hokkaido. They were taken in the middle of nowhere – we were just passing through on our way to the next destination.010A

Not too many of the leaves in trees have changed their color.

A couple of trees with yellow leaves stood out; they were a stark contrast with the trees in the background.

Sometimes, I feel a bit of melancholy with the colors of Autumn, however, they look beautiful – romantically beautiful!

22 thoughts on “Impressions of Autumn (5)

  1. My memories of Hokkaido is a series of block prints, I believe titled the Hakkaido Road… must look them up in my art books. Beautiful views you have recorded in this in the other four posts.

  2. Lovely images. The light in these photos seems so different to your previous Autumn images – it lends a kind of blue haze. The colours are beautiful. Here too we notice the bright, almost luminous nature of the early yellow leaf tints against the remaining greens. It is interesting to see Autumn in different places πŸ™‚

    • They were taken at a different time of the day, the golden one with direct sunshine, whereas these once were taken when the sun has already set. Yes, they project different moods!

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