Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

The challenge for this week from the Daily Post is Cover Art.

Hokkaido, Japan s a place that I will never be tired of visiting.038

It is beautiful, picturesque and peaceful.

If  I were to publish a book about it, this photo will be the cover.

Color foliage, peaceful lake with tree branches in the dark blue water!

54 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

  1. Beautiful image. That millpond still water graduating in shades of blue is very appealing and the Autumn colours lining and reflected in the water make it an even more captivating photograph.

    • You will, you have too much beautiful content not to!
      I’m a journalist and I have written volumes of books worth of content over the years, but the idea of a book is just too daunting! I do not know why. I did do 268 pg. history book of the town in which I write, but that was for the paper I work for.

    • I think this blog proves that at least some readers like my photos and give an idea as to what sort of photos they like.
      I am not a writer (nor a photographer), I think I might publish a coffee table type of book with my best selection of photos for a start and see how it goes. I need the determination and time to do it! Regards, Michael

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