<This post contains some 4 photos>

Many of my classmates have now reached retirement age and are now enjoying their new phase of life.


Quite a number of them actually have taken up photography.

With so much time in their hands, they travel and take photos – some of them are just awesome.1467363_769595793057563_840347398_n

Here again, are some photos taken by my university classmate YM Chan.1475875_769595789724230_1289355966_n

I like egrets – capturing their motion in flying or even at rest.

I do not have a lot of opportunities to take photos of them – in fact, as I do not have the necessary long lenses to do that.1441351_769595883057554_289683086_n

Please enjoy these photos taken in Nam Sang Wai of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong – My Beloved City

Whenever I traveled, I know I have left my heart in Hong Kong.

This is the place so dear to me in my heart.

Of all places in Hong Kong, I love the harbor best.1620792_913596621990812_1255027313792938497_n

The picture was taken by my university classmate YM Chan; it is a wide angle view of the harbor and with magnificent clouds.

Please enjoy!


Fenghuang City ( Night & Day)

I have been showing pairs of photo for places taken at night and in the day.

These include photos of Hong Kong, Seoul etc.

There is a lot of contrast between these photo pairs.1510399_968931953123945_8486132936364086359_n

Here, the night picture of the picturesque city was taken by my university classmate YM Chan,

while the day photo was taken by me.DSC_0036A

As you can see in both pictures, there is a pagoda on the left bank , a river in the middle and traditional houses built on the right bank.

In fact, the place suffered a lot of damage during the Summer flooding this year.


Impressions of Autumn (Beijing)

Autumn is still here.

Hope that Winter is coming late this year.

Understand this part of the world is affected by El Ninos and therefore Winter could be mild, with the exception of a few really cold days but it will be rainy too.DSCF2555A

So, celebrate Autumn as it is retreating and hope that Winter will be short.

The picture was taken at Hunglouzhi (Temple) in Beijing two years ago.


Clouds & Mountains – A Collage of Photos

<This post contains 6 photos>

This will be my best collection of clouds and mountains photos in 2

All these photos have been posted before but I am putting them (12)

The Huangshan and clouds mountains are provided by my calligraphy classmate Mr. Chung Kok (11)

Whereas the photos of Zhanzhejia are provided by my university classmate Mr. YM Chan.10371365_964405693576571_905928906956857373_n

They are great photographers and timing was on their side.1457644_964404113576729_3185532268533466011_n

This collection is stunning and I expect that readers will be pleased.10415722_969586896391784_4792825689246188239_n

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular (Baltic)

This weeks’ WPC Challenge of the Daily Post is Angular.

This photo was taken in the Baltic, possibly in the city of Riga.DSC_0192A

It is angular not matter how you look at it – angular roofs and window apexes.

I like the color and composition too.

Please enjoy!

Clouds and Mountains ( Zhangzhejia 3)

This is the last photo from my classmate YM Chan on Zhanzhejia.

Of the photos I showed for this beautiful place, this is the best.

The clouds just seem floating from underneath10371365_964405693576571_905928906956857373_n you – so surreal!

Please enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (The Anglers)

I just can’t stand fishing under the sun!

However, many anglers do enjoy fishing even when the temperatures are high and the sun was burning.

Here is a picture showing the anglers fishing in Hong Kong. Most of them have put their caps on; those who do not have a cap do have an umbrella.2752390781_41532c2f8c_o

In theย  background is the Victoria Harbor and some of the high rises.

From the picture, you can feel the heat coming out.

This is yet another picture from my angler friend CP Chan, to whom credit is due.

Please enjoy!