Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

The theme for this week’s challenge from The Daily Post is Descent.

We have been walking for over an hour on the walls of Dubrovnik.

It was a delightful experience. There was no clouds in the sky; the sun was shining and basically there was no way to hide.

While walking the seawalls, we came across this café which is located half way down the steep cliff.DSCF0928

We were thirsty, the idea of descending down the steep stairs to the café shop did came to mind.

Fear of descending the steps finally won; we just carried on walking and finished the walk as quickly as possible!


38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

    • One of the reasons I took this photo was that if you draw a diagonal from left to right, the land is on the left side of the diagonal and the sea on the other!

  1. Lovely place, the idea of sitting and enjoying the view would be worth it but I don’t think I could have walked it.
    My shaky legs will simply have not let me, I and heights had a disagreement.

  2. Michael, there is no way to descend down to Buza (hole) bar from the wall. You must go back into the old part of town and make your way on the side alley next to the wall until you find the hole in the wall. Next trip here, I will take you there the easy way.

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