Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (of the Bald Eagle)

<This post contains 3 photos>

This week’s challenge of the Daily Press is Descent.001

This blog has shown three photos of an eagle catching a fish from the sea.002

The series of photos here are provided by my classmate Mr. KF Chung.

The pictures were taken in Richmond, Canada with a zoom lens of range 100-400 mm.003

It needs a lot of patient and skill to capture this bird trying to land on a tree.

The series of three photos show the bald eagle flapping its wings before landing.

Please enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (of the Bald Eagle)

  1. Truly remarkable photos. I live quite near Richmond. There are many eagles in this area, but I’ve seen very few shots as excellent as these at capturing their magnificence. I especially like the third in the series. Please thank your friend for sharing them with us.

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