Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (Waterfall)

We walked by the side of the Maling River, China.

The tracks are cut into the rocky canyons standing steep on both sides of the river.

Our trip took us to the canyon and we walked both banks of the river.DSCF2971

One of the amazing sights was seeing some of the waterfalls that cascade down to the river.

They are by no means any grander than many of the waterfalls in the world; but they are strikingly beautiful!


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (Waterfall)

  1. Stunning! It’s hard to say what makes a waterfall the most grand. I’m assuming that you’re referring to width, height or volume of water, but sometimes the misty light ones or the narrow freshets can be just as moving and beautiful in their own way. Your photo takes me there. Thanks for the refreshment!

    • I was on the point of enormority and striking impact of the waterfalls, however, I like the soft silky ones. They are more peaceful and soothing. Thanks for the response!

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