Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (by Cable Car)

We were up in the mountains of Tateyama in Japan.

It snowed and was freezingly cold.

This was where we made our descent to an area near the Kurobe reservoir below.DSC_0113

The photo was taken just before we took the cable car down to the reservoir.

It was difficult to achieve a good balanced picture – the clouds and the snow cladded mountains were overexposed while the valley below was underexposed.

It is great that the red cable car stood out from the picture!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (of the Mist)

Have always been fascinated by mist and high mountains.

It is more extraordinary when mist comes in quickly.

While standing on the tall mountains of Zhangzhejia in China, overviewing the trees in front, the mist advanced.DSC_0044

It came in from between the mountains and engulfed some trees and rock masses in front making them no longer visible.

It looked as if the mist was playing magic; hiding objects from before our very eyes!