Travel Theme: Arches

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The theme for this week’s Travel Theme is Arches.

I like arches. Structurally, they are a very efficient of supporting weight from above, without causing tension in the elements.

Architecturally, they look pleasing too.

I have posts here showing the arches at Blue Mosque in Turkey, recently, I also showed some beautiful arches at the Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain – they are very Moorish but look strikingly beautiful.DSCF1142

The arches shown here are from a building in Geneve, Switzerland.

Accidentally, I wandered into this building and was fascinated by the arches supporting the roof. The arches do not just span orthogonally but also diagonally, presenting a very interesting pattern.DSCF1143

From the outside the building is interesting too. It has multiple arches and there are also ramps going up at a slant.

All these make for an interesting structure!