Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (Lone Egret & Lone Swan)

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Here is another submission for this week’s challenge – Minimalist.

One cold morning, we stopped by the river bank in Luk Keng, NT, Hong Kong.CIMG3671

The river meets the sea here. It is a place where egrets would come and look for their prey, especially when the tide is out.

We saw this lone egret standing there, maybe, waiting for its prey.

Apart from the white body and the reflection of the egret, the background was just placid but enchanting.

There was a sense of calmness throughout in the river estuary.

Earlier this year, on a trip to Shikoku, we stopped by a waterway.DSCF0382

We saw a lone swam swimming.

Again, apart from the swam,  there is minimally nothing  – only the dripping plants and the water!



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