Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (Canola Flowers)

<This post consists of two photos>

I have always loved the yellow color.

To me, they represent hope and joy.

How joyous it is to gaze at a field of yellows flowers, while they sway gently in the wind.DSCF3147

The picture is taken in Luoping, China in one of those ย trips to Guizhou and Yunnan.

I could forever gazing into these yellow flowers, without even lifting my eyes off.DSCF3132

Thank God for creating such flowers!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (Canola Flowers)

    • For the camera, I used my Fuji X100 with a fixed so what wide angle lens 24mm, using a macro function. You are quite right, I don’t do close up very much. Regards, Michael

  1. Rape seed is beautiful but sadly I’m very allergic to it. It was grown a lot by farmers in the area of Scotland where I grew up and always added a dash of vivid colour to the landscape.

  2. They do look lovely, not all crops are as pretty as this. We have canola in Australia too and it looks stunning, especially when beside other paddocks that have a purple weed growing in them.

  3. In the past yellow was never a colour I liked, but faced with a sea of sunshine who would not turn happy, weak and appreciative!

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