Clouds & Mountains (Zhangzhejia 2)

I never have the luck to take such photos.

Heavy rain fell the day before the photo was taken by my classmate YM Chan.

They stayed up in the mountains for two days; woke up very early in the morning when it was still dark.

Hiked up to the vintage point where he took this brilliant photo.1457644_964404113576729_3185532268533466011_n

To be able to take this photo is chancy, you can be up there for a dozen of times and still couldn’t get such views.

While I like the photo very much, I would hesitate to go there again as I would not like to be disappointed with the quite ordinary hazy view which I have seen again and again!

Clouds & Mountains (Zhangzheijia 1)

Sometime ago, I showed a series of clouds and mountains at Huangshan, China; that has attracted a big response. many readers thought they were perfect!

We have been to  Zhangzhaijie, China before. It was the mountains there which inspired Avatar.

However, we have never been able to capture sunrise and the sea of clouds with the limestone columns.

All we saw was misty, and to say the truth, a bit gloomy view of the mountains.10415722_969586896391784_4792825689246188239_n

Here is a photo provided by my university classmate Mr. YM Chan. This shows the clouds and Zhangzhejia in all its glory!

It is surreal too. Please enjoy!