Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (Boats)

<This posts consists of 2 photos>

I am late for this theme but still want to submit another entry.

Not sure which photo to post first.

Both photos were taken when we walked the Plover Cove Dam in Tai Po, Hong Kong.CIMG3376

The first is a close up, in darker light. CIMG1797

The second one gives a lot more about the background. It was taken in a cove where pleasure boats will anchor and where rowing boats are on hire.

In any case,  I like the rowing boats and the yellow color, they seem to be uplifting and give a feel of freedom!

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (Boats)

  1. I love both of them… like a convention of yellow boats coming together to share their stories. They remind me of how sunflowers turn to face the sun.

  2. Love the first pic the best – so simple and intriguing. I feel that the 2nd shot with context is a bit less interesting because it explains where they are – the mystery evoked by the first pic is lost.

  3. Dear Michael, I had a great time visiting your blog. You are very lucky to travel through Asia and seeing the many ways people have respect for the landscape surrounding them. I liked both of the boat pictures.

    • I am glad that you like the first one. The truth was that I hesitated a lot whether I should upload the post at all as I thought even the first one is not good enough!

  4. It seems that a majority prefer the first one, and I have to agree. That’s the one that made me say “wow!” It also occurs to me that the people who rent those boats see that scene every day. I wonder if they ever think, “what a beautiful sight,” or if they simply take it for granted now.

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