Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (at Lake Galve, Lithuania)

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Lake Galvė is a lake in Trakai, Lithuania. It has 21 islands, and one of them houses Trakai Island Castle ( see my previous posts). The lake and most of the other lakes surrounding the castle and city have myths and legends connected to them, of which most contain a tragic love story. The lakes and castle are therefore also said to be haunted.DSC_0301

While visiting the Trakai Castle, I have a good stroll outside the castle by the lake, viewing the lake scenery mainly.DSC_0302

It found it very serene – with the sailing boats and the blue sky.

The three photos here are a selection of photos with a similar theme. Sailing boats are my favorites, so is the deep blue lake water.DSC_0300

Hope the serene scenes bring serenity and inner peace.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (at the Baltic’s Waterways)

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Serenity is everywhere. Basically, you will find it when your heart is prepared for it.

Here are a couple of pictures taken earlier in the Baltic.

Don’t ask where exactly those pictures are taken, as I have mixed up in my mind (and also in my archive as they are all scrambled together) as to their whereabouts.DSC_0142

Serenity is rowing on a calm waterway with your friend beside you.DSC_0253

On the other picture, it was taken in a waterway within a garden.

The composition looks simple but it looks so peaceful.

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

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This week’s theme is Express Yourself – problem is that I have been very busy lately so that I did not have any chance to express myself as good as I would have like in the blog.

The first picture was taken in the Towel Museum of Shinkoku.CIMG5490

The violinist is expressing himself with his skills.

In fact, the figure is made of towels – the museum is expressing an art which they are capable of doing using their materials for towels.

I took this picture trying to express how a small show piece can be like given the lighting condition.CIMG5483

The second picture was taken in the same trip when we first landed at an airport not far from Shinkoku, Japan.

We were happy to see that a female artist was playing a musical instrument which is like the Chinese instrument GuZheng – an instrument that my wife has been playing for years.

This artist does have a lot of talent when expressing herself with the instrument.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( at some quiet corners )

<This post contains 3 photos>

Some beautiful and touristy places do have great views, some of them are serene too.

There are always places which are less traveled, less visited or secluded which offer a lot of serenity.

The three photos were taken in such quiet places.DSCF0389

The first one was taken in a quiet corner of the Plitvice Lakes park in Croatia. I always like trees reaching out to the water, with the water seems deep and unfathomable.CIMG5572

The second one was taken at a little river in the Ritsurin Garden at Shinkoku, Japan – everything seem very tranquil.CIMG0219

The last one was taken in the Central Park, New York with a masonry arch bridge behind it.

Maybe, you can decipher what are the common elements which contribute to serenity.

Abandoned House

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Abandoned houses have been one of my favorite subjects.

The following photos were taken in Pak Tam Chung in Hong Kong.

We went hiking in the rural areas of Saigon; have been walking for almost an hour into a forest area.CIMG5644

The light penetrated from the forest and revealed an abandoned and ruined hut.

Getting closer to it and walking towards the entrance, I took another picture.CIMG5643

Basically, there weren’t anything inside the hut.

Again, we have no idea as to how long it was abandoned and the reason behind the abandonment.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( of the Waterfalls)

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I may be awed by those majestic waterfalls which tumble down with a roaring sound.

However, I feel more peaceful with the smaller ones which sit well with the surrounding.

Here are two photos of waterfalls which I like.094

The first one was taken in Jiuzhaigou of China; the trees and foliage provide an attractive frame for the waterfall.DSCF0368

The second one was taken in Plitvice Lakes of Croatia.

I have shown photos of many waterfalls in both places, but these photos which I have not shown, represent serenity to me 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (at the Beach)

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Serenity is when you are the only person at a beach.1525774_798212240195918_1291453070_n

The waves crashing in and the sun has just risen.1604917_798212216862587_700794201_n

Not a soul was in sight. . . . . . . . .  serenity!

PS The photos were taken by my classmate Mr. Y M Chan

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( of the Trees)

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Those who have been following me know that I like photographing trees.CIMG5564

Here are a couple of photos taken with my little compact camera while at the Ritsurin Garden, Japan last year.CIMG5565

The trees seem to be making a statement. They fit in so well with the environment.

I derive so much serenity from just looking at them.

What will the world be like without any trees?