Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth (under the Turkish Sky)

The sun was exerting its last rays of sunlight as our cruise of the Bosporus almost ended when approaching Istanbul.

Against the sky was the silhouette of Istanbul in all its beauty.CIMG0602

The spires of the mosques were the most noticeable features in the whole skyline.

The clouds in the sky ensured that the warmth of the day was still there to stay.

Yes, warmth was all around!

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth (under the Turkish Sky)

  1. A very nice photo… I like to color of the sea on the banks of Bosporus and the skies above Istanbul, particularly when I sip my tea in the Cafe at Sahat Kulesi (Clock Tower) within the Dolmabahce Palace complex…
    My the New year find you in good health and bring you joy, happiness and prosperity!

  2. Very beautiful! I have been in Istanbul a few times, but have almost no pictures as I lost them in a computer crash a few years back. Thanks for sharing.

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