Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth ( for the Little Boy)

We found this little boy in the place now named as “Shangrila” in China.

Up at a very high altitude, the weather was terribly cold, a few degrees below zero with snow and rain.

We expected that most people would stay inside the house.DSC_0070

As we walked pass this house out of nowhere, we found him sitting there alone, by the fire side.

There was some charcoal burning next to him. That was the only warmth we could felt.

The little boy looked angry, he seemed to be waiting for somebody. He didn’t even take notice of us.

As we walked passed by, all we hoped was that he would receive a bit more warmth.

42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth ( for the Little Boy)

  1. So heartbreaking that he, and many children around the world have lives to be angry over. My prayers go out to this little guy and all the others. Would that I could bring them all into my warm home!

    • Thank you Michael, but it’s just that the Lord has placed his compassion in me. I know what you you meant about not getting the picture of that boy out of your mind. Some of the poor children we saw in Mexico years ago are still sharp in my memory. Just so much pull in those faces which were old beyond their years. It sticks with you.

  2. The little boy’s cheeks would be red because he lives at altitude. He looks like he needs a big hug. I love the amber of the robe and the wood planks in the background, also the textures in the scene.

  3. Wow! What a moment to capture- stunning photography as always. The photo makes me feel sad and conjures up an image of his life. Sending blessings and best wishes to this little boy.

  4. A wonderful candid portrait on the one hand, Michael, but on the other hand, a glimpse of what appear to be rather sad circumstances for the child too. Hope he is loved and cared for! 🙂

    • He does seem dressed for outdoors, though I guess I am wondering why he is sitting angrily outdoors on a cold day! He does seem to be looking pointedly in one direction as though he is expecting or hoping that someone will show up soon! Perhaps he had been told to keep the fire going and the person he is waiting for has been a very long time returning! We must remain intrigued I think 🙂

  5. He looks so cold. I wonder what he was thinking. I wish I knew where to send blankets! I would send this little boy enough blankets to keep him warm all winter!

  6. Interesting picture, I wish I could speak the language native to the country I travel in so that in these situations when I come across something different off the beaten track I can interact with the locals. Currently living in Thailand, Thai is coming in very usful as I learn a few words here and there to understand their language/humour

    • A knowledge of the local language would certainly help. The boy in the picture was so angry and not really bother even to look at us. We could have spoken to him in Mandarin – he may know it!

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