Images of Angkor Wat (7)

This is definitely a place of ruins and . . . . . more ruins.

A place where plant and man made stone structures coexist and struggle to take over one and another.


A place once abandoned and rediscovered.

A place that caught people spell bounded!

12 thoughts on “Images of Angkor Wat (7)

  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of the ruins I visited far from Angkor Wat (when there were too many tourists there). Called Beng Mealea, it was nearly empty, so I could climb and clamber about, and marvel at the sights in silence.

  2. Exploring the ruins of these past civilizations helps us imagine what life may have been. We can only guess! Ruins, excavated and unexcavated, are extremely common (more than 1000 in Oaxaca alone) in Mexico, and they are a constant source of wonderment. Thanks for showing Angkor Wat!

  3. I really enjoy pictures of Angkor Wat. Although have visited crumbling ruins around Europe, have not visited this intriguing place. Will be leaving on first trip to Asia in two weeks (at age 59!) for a wander around Thailand and although am a little sorry not to have included Angkor Wat in this trip, it’s a good reason to go back!

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