Abandoned Houses (Pak Tam Chung)

<This post contains 2 photos>

I have always been intrigued by abandoned houses ( please see my earlier posts).

Just a few weeks ago, we drove to Pak  Tam Chung in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong.CIMG5651

We hiked for over an hour. The area was quiet and quite secluded.

We walked past several abandoned houses.CIMG5659A

They were almost all covered by vines and wild flowers – a bit sad but still colorful.

Again, we wonder what has happened to the houses and the owners!

20 thoughts on “Abandoned Houses (Pak Tam Chung)

  1. I myself am enthralled by abandoned houses, anywhere in the world. Thank you for these pictures. The wild flowers are already entertaining a story in my mind as to what happened in these now barren buildings.

  2. I like abandoned houses too- sense of mystery and surprise. I like your photos and descriptions. It made me think about a place n Turkey called Kayakoy – an abandoned village.. You have made me feel inspired to write about it so I will try and send you link when I have completed it! Thank you for helping motivate me with my blogging 101!

  3. I think when we see abandoned houses we cannot help wondering about the people who built them or lived there. We wonder about their story. I have researched on some abandoned houses and ‘lost’ villages in my area and it is so fascinating to learn about the lives of the people. Of course, we cannot always know the story and then we can only wonder 🙂
    Fascinating images, MIchael – the flowers really do add colour and somehow lift a little of the sadness of the houses for me 🙂

    • The usual story for the abandoned house in the rural area is that the owners have gone to the city to work or immigrated to other countries, but each house could be different. Glad that you like the photo!

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