Dunhuang – Buddha in Nirvana

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I don’t know much about Buddhism.

Have not been travelling lately because I need to be here as a care giver.

However, I have been vising a local museum which is right now having an exhibition of the DunHuang caves of China.DSCF0496

They are just fascinating, although the exhibits are mainly replicas.

I am most impressed by the real size replica of the nirvana sculpture of the Buddha.DSCF0554

The Buddha has a neatly grown cranial bump. On his face, there is peaceful expression, in contrast to the pain and sorrowful expression of the mundane death. He looks as he is just falling into sleep with joy and gratification.

The entire sculpture bespeaks the ultimate realm of enjoying spiritual tranquility!

40 thoughts on “Dunhuang – Buddha in Nirvana

  1. If travelling isn’t possible, this surely is a good alternative! What a beautiful Buddha. I remember it meant alot to me to be able to care for my father when he really needed it. There were some things about it that were stressful, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  2. I am not a Buddhist, but I was taught quite a bit about it in school (since Buddhism originated in India) and have read stories related to the Buddha since childhood, not to mention visited the areas where He received enlightenment. I love statues of Buddha for the calm countenance portrayed. It’s instant zen, I think.

  3. How wonderful that you went to a local museum, and thanks for taking these photos and sharing your thoughts on these sculptures. It is so enlightening. I’m going to a local museum on Sunday, and you’ve inspired me to do the same!

    • Hi, mum is still my first priority. I don’t think I can go overseas travelling yet, but I did find time to go to the museum etc for half a day, fitting in. Regards, Michael

    • So far mum is receiving no treatment whatever after the surgery, will give her a bit of time to see how her body reacts.
      Many thanks for the prayers which is much appreciated. Yes, in a way, she is lucky to have me.

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