Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( at some quiet corners )

<This post contains 3 photos>

Some beautiful and touristy places do have great views, some of them are serene too.

There are always places which are less traveled, less visited or secluded which offer a lot of serenity.

The three photos were taken in such quiet places.DSCF0389

The first one was taken in a quiet corner of the Plitvice Lakes park in Croatia. I always like trees reaching out to the water, with the water seems deep and unfathomable.CIMG5572

The second one was taken at a little river in the Ritsurin Garden at Shinkoku, Japan – everything seem very tranquil.CIMG0219

The last one was taken in the Central Park, New York with a masonry arch bridge behind it.

Maybe, you can decipher what are the common elements which contribute to serenity.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( at some quiet corners )

  1. It certainly very peaceful there (all those places). We are have a spot of bad weather here. Nice to see the green of the grass and the quiiet of the water.

  2. Hi Michael, all very poetic and beautiful. I would say, for me, serenity is the water. Having lived in a home in front of a lake for many years, we found the water very peaceful to just sit and enjoy quietly.

  3. All of your photos are full of light, and capture both the beauty and its reflection, or shadows. I see you love to photograph water, as do I. Always changing, so many colors and moods to it. Lovely photos… Thank you. WG

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