Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds ( at Shikoku)

Those who have been following me know that I love Trees.

Here is another photo which follows the Rule of the Thirds.DSCF0409

I am sure it wouldn’t look so interesting if the tree is captured right in the middle of the picture.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Incense at Man Mo Temple)

The burning incense is on the left third of the picture.

I have taken this picture at Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong adopting a slow speed.DSCF0162

The smoke just floated from the left to the right side of the picture, blurring the background and giving it a sense of motion.

The City of Lights

I don’t think Hong Kong has ever been named as the City of Lights.

But I am sure visitors who has been to HK are impressed by the colorful lights they saw around the Harbor, up in the Peak or in the urban areas.

I have mixed feelings about the lights. I don’t mind the lights at all in the festive seasons but consider our light pollution and energy spending can be reduced.10869330_10204632182817699_7872605773806764908_o

Here is a picture taken in Tsim Sha Tsui, by my classmate YM Chan, during the Christmas of 2014.

The picture of the Peninsula Hotel seems to have very few colors and looks very interesting!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds ( Tree at Hokkaido)

This tall tree is a famous “named” tree by the roadside in Hokkaido in Japan.

This is another example of the Rule of Thirds where the tree is located on the left third of the picture.007

Please enjoy:-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Kois at West Lake)

This week’s challenge is Rule of Thirds.

This is definitely a photo which is off centered.

The subject of interest is in the upper thirds.DSCF6440

While the water is blueish with ripples from the rain drops falling hard on the winter lake, this contrasts greatly with the school of bright colored kois rushing towards a focal point.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

This week’s photo challenge is Rule of Thirds.

I learned this rule very early but have basically forgotten about it when taking pictures.

I would like to think this is a rule for the novice so as to get them away taking photos with subject of interest exactly at the center.

Composition is a complicated subject, only by taking photos with the subject of interest at the third points rigidly is not a panacea.CIMG4363

The picture here was taken by my wife while travelling in the South West of USA, visiting many national parks.

On this picture, the tree trunks are taken at almost the third points, leaving a lot of “empty” space to show the background – in observance of the rule proposed by the Challenger.

Unfortunately, this is the only one picture I can find right now fitting this week’s theme!