Spring is in the Air

4 February is Li Chun – the start of the season of Spring in the Chinese Lunar calendar.

A lot of people might not know that, actually our Lunar New Year starts on Li Chun Day or Lunar New Year will only be considered as Officially Arrived after Li Chun Day.

Li Chun Day is a day to mark the start of a New Lunar Year and also, to mark the Arrival of the Spring Season.

Usually after Li Chun Day, most of the plants will start to grow again, snowing will slowly cease and accumulated ice will start to melt etc.

One sign of Spring is the blossoming of flowers. Here are some peach blossoms seen at night.10153816_837122682971540_353915063_n Night is about to phase out and turn into day. What a wonderful sight! PS Picture taken by my classmate YM Chan in Japan.