Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Kois at West Lake)

This week’s challenge is Rule of Thirds.

This is definitely a photo which is off centered.

The subject of interest is in the upper thirds.DSCF6440

While the water is blueish with ripples from the rain drops falling hard on the winter lake, this contrasts greatly with the school of bright colored kois rushing towards a focal point.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Kois at West Lake)

  1. Off-centred, but very well composed! Still, though it obeys the rule of thirds, I think it beautifully illustrates a different choice of composition: strength in the upper-right quadrant, created by the flow from the other three quadrants. Very striking colour as well, the koi glow.

    • The kois looking for food near the surface contrast quite a bit with those deeper down swimming towards the group in the upper quadrant. You have said it well, Icelandpenny!

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