The City of Lights

I don’t think Hong Kong has ever been named as the City of Lights.

But I am sure visitors who has been to HK are impressed by the colorful lights they saw around the Harbor, up in the Peak or in the urban areas.

I have mixed feelings about the lights. I don’t mind the lights at all in the festive seasons but consider our light pollution and energy spending can be reduced.10869330_10204632182817699_7872605773806764908_o

Here is a picture taken in Tsim Sha Tsui, by my classmate YM Chan, during the Christmas of 2014.

The picture of the Peninsula Hotel seems to have very few colors and looks very interesting!

30 thoughts on “The City of Lights

  1. I do remember Hong Kong’s lights, including the nightly show, but agree with you, since I also remember the light pollution and thinking “They really do this every night?” Hong Kong was so impressive for so many other reasons, I’m not sure they need the lights! (I was amazed at how clean the city is, and how friendly people are on the street; they still want to get where they’re going, but don’t have the same attitude of “How dare you slow me down 0.4 seconds!” that we do.)

    Thanks for another great post!

    • This is a city I love – although I am aware too well of its pros and cons. We are quite friendly with visitors, but more recently some locals develop a big dislike for the Mainlanders.

  2. Some of my earliest memories in life were of Hong Kong at Christmas time… Hong Kong was one of the first really large urban areas I remember visiting and as a result I still think of Hong Kong as being a very well lit (and interestingly lit) urban environment.

  3. Michael, magical image …. on this hotel I stayed for 8 nights in 1979. Before the towers was built and all ready then I said that there is no city like Hong Kong at night – like a big diamond brosch. A
    So in my book Hong Kong as always been the “city of light” and even more now when it shows if’s symphoni of lights evrery evening. Only a couple of weeks left and I will be there. Have changed hotel, because of the fall of the Swedish krona, but other hotel went throught the roof. Staying at The Harbourview insted on Harbour Road. I think the location is far more central too. Soon back on the Star Ferry.

    • Yes, they added some towers behind the prestigious heritage hotel building in the 80s, together with a helipad.
      Many currencies are falling against the US dollars to which the HK dollar is linked. I am glad that you have changed to Harborview which is so much central and close to the Star Ferry. Hope you will enjoy your stay here!

    • Fantastic hotel … a pity I can’t afford to stay there. But I doesn’t cost anything to visit the lobby – when I stayed there was theirs Rolls-Roy free – they collected me at Ocean Terminal when I signed off the cruise liner after working for a full year. And they took me to the airport .. on departure. In those they where in Cappuccino color .. now they are dark green. Those was the days … young and beautiful with loads of Dollar on my hand.
      I’m sure I will enjoy Hong Kong .. it’s like meeting a good friend after many years.
      Have booked dinner at the Principle .. 2 stars – but after that I think I have to eat dumplings for the rest of the stay, but dumpling is very good. *smile

    • Hi Viveka, their original fleet of Royce was destroyed in a flooding of the basement many years ago. It is always delightful to have high tea in their lobby or meals at the Gaddis but you have to book in advance. The dumplings in HK are still the best when compared with those available in other countries. I am sure you will enjoy that. I am sure also you will enjoy Your stay!

    • Okay, how sad about about their cars … loved the old color on them and it cost to be driven in them now. Gaddis – I have made a post about both my afternoon tea in the Lobby and my fantastic dinner at Gaddis. First time I ever tasted fresh goose liver – was told it is flown in fresh every day from France. At least it was in those days. Beautiful with a fig marmalade .. never forget it.

  4. Yea, it is beautiful and in another way it is pollution and waste of electricity to on the lighting show every night . At least now they have cut down the lighting wastage so it is good news.

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