Waterfalls ( Big vs Small)

Here are two photos , both of which show waterfalls.

One was taken at the Niagara fall, the water was crashing down in all its mighty.1275803_1384422941789507_1141519837_o

A boat full of visitors was edging towards the waterfall while a rainbow appears to the left. The picture was taken by my classmate KC Ching.DSCF2943A

The second picture was taken by me at the Nine Dragons Group of Waterfalls in Yunnan, China.

The pictures are in dialogue, speaking to each other – with a similar theme but at a different scale.

Instead of a motorized boat, the second picture shows a small sampan being maneuvered near to misty waterfall.

Please enjoy πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Waterfalls ( Big vs Small)

  1. Your photos are stunning, as always, Michael. My only wish is that you would be more specific regarding locations. For example, are these the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls? Or is this the side of Niagara Falls in New York State? Same with the photos of the American West (Bryce and Bodie) — at least the name of the state would be helpful for the geographically challenged to better place the location. Thanks so much!

    • Hi, over 95% of the pictures in this blog are taken by me. However, I do use some from my relatives or friends and for those I would specifically mention they are from others. The photos you mentioned were taken by others and I do not have exact details as to where they were taken except the name of places. I suggest that you Goggle the places and you will find more details. Regards, Michael

  2. I can not believe the beauty of this two camera “Flashes”. First, the opportunity to be there, second the ability to catch the right moment with the eyes, third flash it, with the right perspective, into the camera film, and fourth have the generosity to remember the rest of the world that is going to feel so pleased viewing such natural inspiring settings of nature. Thank You.

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