Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (Brighton)

When I arrived at the beach, I knew I was Rewarded.

It was a fine day in Spring, with not a lot of visitors on the Brighton beach.ML3B

All I could see was the Victorian pier against a background of clouds in the blue sky and waves crashing in from the sea.

More than that, the father playing with his son on the beach has always reminded me of my days on the beach with my dad (who has left the world a long time ago! )

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (Brighton)

  1. I’ve been there with foreign students when I taught ESOL. Great place! It was really busy when I was there.

    • Yes, a beach full of pebbles – which are not uncommon in the UK – as sandy beaches require rivers carrying sediments, a gentle wave climate and a gently sloping seabed which are lacking in the UK!

  2. Wonderful picture. Must have been a great day. I can smell the salt in the cool crisp air, feel the whispering breeze tease my cheeks, the gritty sand between my toes and hear the sound of the waves rolling in to shore.

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