Bodie, the Mining Ghost Town

This picture was taken last year by my sister-in-law when she and my wife were travelling in the South West of the States.

This seems so unreal.DSCF3580 Everything seemed frozen in time.

The pictures from Bodie are just so haunting!

26 thoughts on “Bodie, the Mining Ghost Town

  1. Bodia or Bodie? I use to go up to Bodie “ghost town” every summer. Great stories about residents that lived and died there. Fun place to visit.

  2. I’ve visited Bodie a couple of times when I had a summer place up in Lake Tahoe. It’s an eerie feeling walking through there … to think of how it was a big hub back in its day, only to be a ghost town now. I’ll echo what JoeRod wrote, that some of the stories about its residents are quite interesting. I enjoyed the photo.

  3. Lovely photo ….serendipitous too. About 4 years ago, I took a photo of that same old truck, though from a different angle. Here’s the jpeg which my wife posted on her blog.

    That’s quite a connection – same old town, same truck and each of our wifes!

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