The Abandoned Cabins at Bodie

I have seen pictures taken of the abandoned cabins at Bodie, South West of the States.

This one taken by my sister-in-law last year shows a cluster of cabins in a slightly different light.DSCF3541

Some of the roofs have a greyish- blue tint.

This makes the picture looks like a painting!

28 thoughts on “The Abandoned Cabins at Bodie

  1. This is near my home town. It is in Northern California. In grade school we used to take day trips there to learn about mining and the history.

    • Glad you like this. I have other posts on the topic of Abandoned. If you like, you can search for it on blog using the search function. Regards, Michael

  2. We passed through Bodie last year on the way home from Southern Utah. It is an interesting place for sure. The road out there is pretty bad but it is worth a visit. It was great to learn about the history of the town and the history of the lady who preserved it. I also took some fun photos of the old cars and car parts that are laying about the place. Thanks for reminding me of my trip there…

  3. hello michael lai its dennis the vizsla dog hay the gost town of bodie is not far frum ware we liv heer in oshunside!!! i hav never ben their but it luks rather deserted wich wood be gud for me sinse i do not like krowds!!! ha ha ok bye

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