The Secrets of Old Age

I have not been writing anything on retirement or old age for a long time.

The recent surge in the number of readers reading my post ” Early Retirement= Early Death?” urged me to write instead of only posting photos.

For sure, I am stepping into the Autumn of my life. But are we not just the Autumn foliage, colorful and beautiful, before Winter finally arrives?

For this I would like to share with you a photo taken two years ago in South Korea.DSCF3446

Here is also a Video passed to me by a friend – ” The Secrets of Old Age” which I found very meaningful and which I would like to share : In summary, the secrets of old age are:

80 thoughts on “The Secrets of Old Age

  1. 我上個月回故鄉過春節期間就極力勸說我年近八十的父母不必擔心任何事,想吃就吃,想玩就玩,想花錢絕不省,感受夕陽裡面的每一刻時光和每一片風景。


  2. Both my parents are at the brink of retirement and your post resonates with me . These are some of the things we keep telling them to do . A lovely read.

  3. The Secrets of Old Age = Lots of Experience, Emotions, nature, spiritual, relations, births, deaths and may more stuff that can be seen by another but only can feel by indivudal.


    Hi Michael: glad that I did not miss this post! Do you know I am the Aging expert? Just kidding! Indeed I am also aging ,like everybody else, and my work is in Aging! About this topic, I do have lots to share. I will post on this subject when I have time. Like you, I did not particularly talk about aging on my blogs. To give aging a very positive image, please check out the link posted above and share with your mom!

    By the way , Starry Night is one of my favorite songs and paintings too. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists too. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Denise, as an expert I am sure you will have a lot to share with us. I look forward to your posts which will be invaluable to many of us. Regards, Michael

  5. Good advice Michael, I try to live by it. Some additional thoughts: it’s alltogether too easy to deferr living until tomorrow or to make your longing subject to some impossible condition – whatever your age. Today is a pretty good day to act

  6. Michael, I totally agree.. Life is to be enjoyed, protected, and cherished happily….
    Take care and happy (days) blogging to ya, from Laura ~ 🙂

  7. Inspirational words. I intend to use my grandfather’s approach to aging, he just kept trying new things, started new occupations, and actually rode horseback until he was 94. I think he had it right.

  8. Well, well Mr. Lai. I’m astonished. I just copy some of your fraises to quote you, any day if necessary. Thank you, so complete, and finished, I think you didn’t miss anything. I will send it to my family, and friends, and if they pay attention, for sure is going to be of great benefit for every body, Thank you for your great service to every body.

  9. Mr. Lai, of course…. keep ” posting written messages”, “posting photos”, and “posting videos”. Your wonderful, beautiful, refreshing, healing, good spirit is really something to be spread, specially in today’s days, where there is a considerable absents of this, and there for a mayor necessity of that kind of “In the right track clarifying and redirecting good Spirit”, needed for so many of us, that can be locking down them selves into negativism, and consequently to eternal death… ( In may opinion, what was said in this last words ) not to be done “If you want to live for ever”. So, if anybody looking for enlightenment finds this works done by you, they probably will reconsider the direction of their life. “Thanks to God”, and
    “To You”…..Definitively with Capital Letters…That, would be one of your mayor “high quality” services to humanity, among all those other already given by you. Not many people can do what you do. Thank you again, from an other appreciative soul over here.

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