Finding God in the Desert

There are times when I feel I am much closer to God.

That is when I walked in the wilderness, climbed mountains, facing an open sea or hiking alone.

In those moments, I would choose to pray, seeking God and hoping He will bring me through the desert of the soul.DSCF4407

“Oh God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you . . . in a dry and weary land where there is no water” (Psalm 63:1 NIV).

The picture was taken by my sister-in-law while travelling in the desert in Utah last year with my wife.


58 thoughts on “Finding God in the Desert

  1. When I lived in California I spent a lot of time in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. It would be so quiet I would talk to myself to make sure I hadn’t gone deaf. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Amen Michael! The heavens declare the glory of God and the earth shows His handiwork. Unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God be honor and glory forever.

    When we are alone surrounded by the majesty of God’s creation, the works of His hands we know our weakness and sense His wisdom and limitless resources and ability to meet all our needs. David said “I look unto the hills. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.”

    Lovely picture!

  3. Wonderful “taken” by your sister in law, “Congratulations”. The “photographer” gift seems to run in family bonds. The photo is as much beautiful as evoking. Profound insight, and heartfelt prayer that of Psalm-63. I’m sure the psalmist received, the eternal water that could fulfill his thirsty soul, from the loving hands of God. Thank you for this one.

  4. I do agree with you, God is much bigger, and closer to me in the wilderness. My time with God while visiting the deserts of southwestern US were priceless.

  5. Thank you Mr. Lai. My intentions are just add something, that might be of help or benefit for someone. Is good to know that somebody noticed. That, fulfills some of my life’s purposes, but it’s okay if no body notice it, still have God that always sees into my heart, and that comforts me too. Thank you.

    • “Yes!!”….Have you heard about some wise sayings from Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta?. There is this one fraise with which she conclude one of her several wise writings that she did for her sisters in the “mission” to encourage, and guide them. In this poem, she goes enumerating several good intentioned, and virtuous doings that they might be putting into practice, and how that could be distorted, or misinterpreted by others, and at the end of each enumerated act of virtue, she says:….but “do it anyway”,……and at the end of the poem, she finalizes it saying:…”because it was never between you and them any way, it was always between you and God”….Wow!!, this is a tremendously profound, and complete knowledge about “humility” in practice… “Doing great things, as if they were little things”….”there is another Chinese wisdom cookie from my precious collection that says”:…”While you grow understanding life less, and less, you grow learning to live it more, and more”…., and there is another one that says:….” To be great, is to be misunderstood”……So,well… as it’s been said too…we need to learn from all this “Masterminds”.

  6. It looks beautiful. One thing I have noticed as a Christian is that the christian family like going to mountains or hills to fast during the lent period or any day of their choice because those places are quiet and good for meditation.

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