Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

This week’s photo challenge is Ephemeral.

Not quite sure what Ephemeral means – something that last for a short time?

The image is part of an ice carving exhibition in Harbin, China.10426134_1044598345557305_3519087764837831658_n

Surely, the carving will melt with time.

The photo was taken by my classmate YM Chan.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

  1. These are outstanding! Looks like coloured glass, it’s so clear. (You’re correct about the definition: Anything lasting but a day, or a brief time; an ephemeral plant, insect, etc.)

  2. That is exactly the meaning of “ephemeral”, and it is such an appropriate word for this photograph!

    How wonderful that your classmate could capture this beautiful moment to preserve it. It’s interesting that photographs allow us to re-experience moments that do not last – I guess that most photographs are taken for exactly this reason!

  3. I just can associate it with something that came from another Planet. Kind of a blend of energies, and life, cause I see something that looks like a read plant in the middle. “Nice, and creative imagination, and manual abilities, for who did the sculpture”. And nice imagination too, for who captured “the piece” in this photo. He was probably as impress as I am right now with the Art.

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