Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral ( Harbin 2)

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My first post on the ice carving seems to be well received.

Here are two more photos showing ice carvings.

In Harbin, China there is a ice carving festival which took place each year.10649518_1044598295557310_4412714127184489347_n

The exhibits are becoming more awesome each year.10997372_1044598495557290_6389248438027603653_n

The pictures, taken by my classmate YM Chan, will give you a scale of things.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral ( Harbin 2)

  1. Hi Michael. As usual a great selection of photos. From everywhere. You seem to have travelled a lot. Do you still do?
    (And how’s your mother?)
    Take care

    • Hi Brian, I have not done any travelling after mom has the surgery. I am monitoring her condition and still not sure what is the best approach for her. You may have noticed that I am only recycling some of my previous images or using some images supplied by my classmates. Many thanks for the concern ! Regards, Michael

    • All the best Michael. Those are difficult times. I’ve bee there! The secret for both you and your mother: take it one day at a time. Every day is a victory. 😊

    • Have told my mom that each day after the operation is a gain. Yes, we are taking each day as it is given and thanking the Lord for that.
      Many thanks for your encouragement and kind words!

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