Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral ( Hong Kong)

There are so many moments we recall as being ephemeral.

They are fleeting moments which would disappear after appearing briefly.

These are moments which photographers would very much like capturing.1891271_957186297631844_4048321116852625425_n

Here is a picture of the sun setting on the western side of the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

Picture again taken by my classmate YM Chan.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral ( Hong Kong)

  1. Rather nice to see a version of hong kong which doesn’t only involve the city landscape. Its a beautiful place where nature meets city… captured above awesomely 🙂

  2. “Like that photo from Hong Kong”, mysterious, little bit old this section?. “How much secret wisdom?”. I think that , some can already say, how attracted I am to beauty, art, wisdom. I don’t know, how, and when, since very young actually, I was captured by this amazingly unique, culture. It’s really one of my favorite. Always I’ve been an admire of the Martial Arts too. I studied Classic Ballet, I started when I was ten years old, in the “National School of Arts”, in Havana-Cuba. Was one of my good abilities Ballet, when I started the first level, they just jump me to the third level after a few months pasted,…so… love refine, artistic movements, Chinese people generally has a well developed Brain, focus mind. Love their movies…etc.,..and everybody knows how good Chinese are achieving excellence in everything they try. So nice photo really, nice perspective, for me always accompany as I said by “Mystery”. Thank You.

  3. I have more information about me, in the Profile section of my Blog. I was really born in Brooklyn-New York, and 3 older sisters, but when I was six, my whole family went back to Cuba, original place of my family. I tried to correct the redaction in the Profile section, but the site was not working very well, and then left it as it was. Mr. Lai, by the way, did you send a message to my section “About” in my Blog?. It was asking me to Approve it, or reported as a Scam, I didn’t know how to identify that because it looked to me legit, the worpress.com frame, with the usual details on it, and your photograph, and everything, and because the message was coming from you, I just Approve it, and answered the same message in two different occasions. Thank you for your replay.

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