Another Foggy Day in Hong Kong

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Here are two recent photos taken in Hong Kong.

One taken during a foggy day in early Spring.

It is posted in a website (Hong Kong is Beautiful) which shows some beautiful photos of the territory. It also states that the creator is happy to share the photos with others.10997023_1411104525864820_6641351995558376998_o

The second photo was taken by me during a normal day.CIMG3435

From these, you can appreciate the big contrast in mood etc. in the photos.


16 thoughts on “Another Foggy Day in Hong Kong

  1. This reminds me of the thick fog I experienced when I went to Hong Kong in late January 2012. I never saw any place covered in such thick fog like that before.

  2. Hi Michael. Nice pix. Why so much fog in HK? Pollution? The season?
    (I need to unearth my parent’s pictures taken in Hong-Kong in 1952. Quite a contrast!)
    Wish you and your family – your mother in particular – a nice, quiet and peaceful week!

    • Hi, humidity is 100% for many days in early Spring here, not sure what is the cause of these heavy fogs. My mom has just caught flu, hope she will recover soon. I have just taken two days off to Macau – the first time I have been out of HK since my mom’s operation. Hope God will look kindly on us, we just take each day as a blessing! Thanks very much for your kind concerns, Michael

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