The House of Dancing Water (1)

Haven’t been out of HK since my mum’s operation late last year.

Visited Macau in the last two days; to view the show : The House of Dancing Water mainly.

The show is in a venue known as The House of Dreams.

The fabulous thing about this is that the theater’s stage has deep water where acrobats can jump from great heights, platforms of varying configuration which can be raised or lowered quickly from the water, fountains everywhere, great lights and sound too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show which convinces me the effort and time for travelling to Macau was worth it.

Here is a picture I took inside the theater showing one of the scenes when the pavilion was raised from the water, the actor and actress were inside the pavilion, water came in all directions and the light was just fantastic.DSCF0674

It was difficult to take any picture in the theater because of the darkness, the water, the motion and the distance etc.

Please enjoy 🙂