The Statutes and The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, Macau

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Macau was a place that I would visit when I feel stressed with work.

The last twenty years, however, have seen so much changes in Macau – it becomes a place so filled with tourists and gamblers.DSCF0778

To say the truth, I have been avoiding to visit Macau because of the crowds and the gamblers.DSCF0779

But the show The House of Dancing Water was so good that I won’t like missing out, that was my main recent for travelling to Macau this week.DSCF0766

Here are a few snap shots of the statutes and the ruins of the cathedral.

Fascinated with ย the statutes with the girl holding a lotus in her hand and handing it over to the boy with the ruins behind it!



26 thoughts on “The Statutes and The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, Macau

  1. I first went to Macau when it still had a very Portuguese feel about it and there was, if I remember rightly, only one casino. I have similar photos of the ruin, but without the statues. Somewhere nearby we found a crowded Chinese restaurant and had the best ever Peking duck.

  2. I’ve been to Macau last 2013. It was night time when we visit the ruins and there were many people since there was an art exhibit happening at that time. The structure with the girl giving a flower to the boy wasn’t also that clear. I wish I can go back and enjoy the place at day time. I agree though, Macau is now somehow peppered with casinos and gamblers. Lovely post though! =) (Thanks for the like!)

  3. I don’t remember seeing that statue when I went to Macau! (six years ago). I do remember that I was very surprised to see that it really looks a lot like Portugal!

  4. Well,…”That Sole Remaining Front of the Cathedral Standing there, on the very top of the Dome”, and the majestic steps to reach this top, looks really, like much more than just a symbol. That remaining part of the whole building, looks “alive”, and embedded with ancestral prayer, good prayers, holy prayers, still going up, for the City, for the World. And, when you backup, including the two status into the whole panorama, it adds even more live to this incredible “idea” of the whole group interrelated. This two precious pieces of art, that achieve incredible realism in their material make up, stand for a “beautiful, sensible theme”, the lotto flower offered by the girl to the boy, back up with the “out of time sacred meaning” that the “Cathedral Ruins” add to it. This artistic project, was beautifully hatched, and thank you Mr. Lai, for capturing it, in its whole with your “Camera”.

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