Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Birds

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I have two photos here which separately shows an early bird early in the morning.

Both photos have seascapes; both show the bird at a very small scale.11150462_1075699095780563_512454140535922887_n

You will need to have sharp eyes to see them.

The first photo was taken locally by my classmate YM Chan in the golden hour before sunrise.CIMG3671

The second photo was taken by me at a river estuary near Luk Keng when the sun has just risen and the egret was looking for its breakfast.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Birds

  1. Both of these are excellent photos, but I particularly like the first one – the color is so soft and lovely which depicts that calmness of very early morning. That bird is out to enjoy it!

  2. ” Wonderful”. The colors in the first one, love them, and the reflections in the water. Both birds look perfectly well, even though in a small scale, as the focal point in the whole,…”Tiny, little, feathered thing in the middle”, but so “nice to the Eye, and stimulating to the Brain” . I think that both photos capture pretty good a very “special”, “beautiful moment” in “Nature”.

  3. Inspiring photos that i feel the tranquil beauty in the morning. Am awed by the bird’s which always seem to catch the first glimpse of the undisturbed world before i do. It’s really nice just like being experiencing this wonder.

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