32 thoughts on “Peaceful Feeling ( B&W vs Color)

  1. Both versions of this photo are lovely and very evocative. I love all the greens in the colour version but the monochrome version makes me focus on the shapes more. How great to have a photo that works both ways.

  2. You get two different perspectives and moods when u see these two separately! The misty bw tells a very diff tale vs vibrancy in the colour!😄

  3. Peace indeed. Now, though I convert pix to B&W often, I have found trees (with foliage) don’t come out too well. I prefer the green version. Now trees in winter…

  4. Wow. Color completely changes the season. Both pictures are lovely, but the colorful one gives a feeling of warmth and renewal, like spring. The black and white picture looks icy and haunted, but very introspective.

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