Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken (Angkor 2)

Examples of Broken is abundant at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Here is a picture which needs no explanation.DSC_0181

Broken pieces of the ancient structures are found everywhere.

This is a paradise for photographers – no matter where you point your camera, you won’t be disappointed.

Weekly photo Challenge: Broken ( Ephesus 1)

Hadrian Temple, Ephesus, Turkey


The following in italics is extracted from Virtual Tourist:

This is one of the best preserved and most beautiful structures on Curetes Street. It was built before 138 AD by P. Quintilius and was dedicated to Emperor Hadrian, who came to visit the city from Athens in 128 AD. The facade of the temple has four Corinthian columns supporting a curved arch, in the middle of which contains a relief of Tyche, goddess of victory. The side columns are square. The pedestals with inscriptions in front of the temple, are the bases for the statues of the emperors between 293-305 AD – Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius I, and Galerius; the originals of the statues have not been found.

This is one of the best places I have visited in Turkey; I will share more in my later posts.