Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (3)

< 2 Photos- On the way to deliver new scooter and bicycles>

This week’s DP photo challenge is On the Way.

I have a series of photos here which were passed to me by my friend.image016

They illustrate what you may see while travelling in China.

To me, they look a bit weird and some of them funny.image017

As I am not able to find out the source of these photos, I am unable to give proper credit to the photographers.

I would be happy to remove the photo and delete the post if required by the original photographer.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (3)

  1. This can help me describe some of the crazy things I saw people drive with on their scooters while in Asia.
    One day as I piled 2 of my children, our backpacks and some newly acquired groceries on my little scooter, all I could here in my head as I weaved through the normal Taiwanese traffic was ” I’m turning Taiwanese, I think I’m turning Taiwanese, I really think so!” Miss those times 🙂 Great post!

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