SanQing Shan (1)

Have been away for a week in JianXi, China.

One of the main activities was to climb up SanQing Shan ( Mountain).

The cable car took us to about 1,400m high, from which we hiked to the top at about 1,800m.

We saw trees, squirrels, some flowers and butterflies, the mountain formation was indeed magnificent.

On one day, we walked for more than 4 hours, covering over 15km.DSCF0973

This is my first break after 6 months of my mom’s operation.

Thought that mom is becoming stable after the surgery; on coming back from the trip, she has a bit of maybe fibroma in her skin of her abdomen. However, we could be heading for a new challenge; hope God will assist her with her health and with her recovery after the operation.

I hope you continue to enjoy my pictures!




30 thoughts on “SanQing Shan (1)

    • Hi Susan, nice to hear from you. I have the dilemma that if I go hiking, mom will be left to the hands of others. I need a break to lift myself up. I think in all possibility, the health of an elderly person will gradually goes down hill, I should be around also at a later time. So all these times, I was looking for a convenient break. Regards, Michael

  1. Hope your Mom is doing well in her recovery. I fell behind so I need to spend some time catching up. I will always love your photographs. Your eye for the unique & beautiful is as keen as ever. jk

    • Things are not going too well, I will take her to see the surgeon tomorrow. Many thanks for liking so many of my post and grateful for the kind words and thoughts. Regards, Michael

    • I send you good thoughts & energy for your mom’s surgery on. Hoping all goes well.

      Love visiting your blog. Your photography is like go on a beautiful trip, seeing amazing images I see only in my imagination through your creativity & a great eye. Peace, Jennifer

    • Mom’s condition is deteriorating, great if you send energy to my mom Wong Lai Wah.
      Glad that you like my pictures and thanks for the kind words, Jennifer.

    • Sending love and energy to your mom Wong Lai Wah, hoping she is finding peace within her thoughts & feelings. You are a good son Michael.

      You are a magnificent photographer. Kind words are meant to sooth & they are deserving. Love to your mom & you, Jennifer ❤

    • I am sorry to hear that. Cancer has been part of my body’s health. It is so hard on one’s body. Hope she is finding some comfort & relief in the hardest moments. Have you tried alternative treatments? My doctors prescribed a form of marijuana. It was a relief.

      I will hold your mom in my thoughts & wish her to feel better. My thoughts are with you too Michael. ❤ Jennifer

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