SanQing Shan (4)

Have been away for a week in JianXi, China.

One of the main activities was to climb up SanQing Shan ( Mountain).

The cable car took us to about 1,400m high, from which we hiked to the top at about 1,800m.

We saw trees, squirrels, some flowers and butterflies, the mountain formation was indeed magnificent.

On one day, we walked for more than 4 hours, covering over 15km.DSCF1009

This picture shows the head of the fairy overlooking the valley.

This is my first break after 6 months of my mom’s operation.

Thought that mom is becoming stable after the surgery; on coming back from the trip, she has a bit of maybe fibroma in her skin of her abdomen. However, we could be heading for a new challenge; hope God will assist her with her health and with her recovery after the operation.

I hope you continue to enjoy my pictures!


14 thoughts on “SanQing Shan (4)

  1. I’m very envious mate… My Humans have been there but not done the hike, You lucky bugger. It is such a lovely part of the world and for some reason less traveled by the West!


  2. Glad you took a break. Now I hadn’t thought about the possibility of a fibroma. It is indeed possible. But to be sure, she needs to see a reliable doctor. Are you progressing on that? 🙂

    • No, mom is refusing to have another consultation.
      My brother visited her and concluded that where there is a lump or air pocket coincides with a previous key hole where the surgeon has cut to release air in the colon laparoscopy. This seems to tie in with what the (clinic for elderly) doctor said – an air pocket. However, I still don’t have an answer for why there is an air pocket now and whether it is actually an air pocket.

    • One can totally understand our old parents to be a bit “stubborn” (to put it mildly). Now if both your brother and yourself insist and insist (and insist) gently, she might change her mind. Difficult I know. (I’ve been there) You lose nothing insisting. 🙂

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