Porcelain in Jindezhen

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China is known for producing good quality ceramics ( China) since medieval times.DSCF1126

Jindezhen in Jianxi is known to produce the best ceramics in China.DSCF1121

After the trip to Sanqing Shan, we passed through Jindezhen and witnessed the production of some of the fine ceramics.DSCF1125

Ceramics have been produced for over 1800 years in Jingdezhen, China.DSCF1128

Emperor Zhenzong decreed that Changnanzhen, as the city was known then, were to produce all of the porcelain used by the imperial court during the Jingde Period (1004-1007). The industry continued to develop there during the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.DSCF1133

Today Jingdezhen is a recognized center of porcelain production.  Although electric wheels and electric and gas kilns are used today in the factories, ancient throwing and decorating techniques and wood-fired kilns can be seen as well.DSCF1127

The ceramics produced in Jindezhen is of the highest quality, they are thin, glazed and artistic.DSCF1124

The pictures here show the different stages of their production, from throwing, painting and heating in a kiln etc.

On our trip, we visited a Ching dynasty kiln. The design of the kilns made a lot of difference to the quality of the ceramics. In olden days, the temperature of the kiln did not exceed 800 degrees Celsius, but in later dynasties, kilns heating up to 1200 or 1300 degrees were devised.

So, it was an eye opening experience too!