Nanchang at Night (2) – Musical Fountain

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In the last post, you have seen the night view of Nanchang City by the side of the River Gan.DSCF0857

Here are several photos which show water coming up from a musical fountain in the foreground, with the night view of Nanchang in the background.DSCF0856

The fountains are located in the Qiushui Square in Nanchang city, by the side of River Gan.DSCF0855

The water jets can reach as high as 128m, with the pattern changing according to the music.DSCF0854

Every night, visitors are attracted to view the colored jets, form one of the biggest fountains in China.DSCF0850

Some of them are in a pattern of a rainbow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture those.DSCF0858

Please enjoy !