Sanqing Shan (13) – Mountains after Mountains

I was awed by the steepness of the mountains and the greenness of the pines when I was high up on Sanqing Shan.

To me, there were always layers of mountains in front of me. As I proceeded, one layer of mountain gave away to the other.DSCF0986A

On the bend of the trail, what I can see were steep mountains on either side, guarded by pine trees high up on each side.

But between them, there were layers of mountains yonder.


Zhang Daoling – Founder and First Patriarch of the Tianshidao

This is perhaps one of the most frightening statues I have seen in my trip to Longhu Shan.

This is Zhang Daoling, the first Celestial Master of China, who has founded Taoism.

In my childhood days, I understand Zhang is the guy who can capture devilish ghosts!DSCF0861

The following is extracted from the British Britannica:

Zhang Daoling, Wade-Giles romanization Chang Tao-ling   (born 34 ce, Pei, Jiangxi, China—died 156, Hanzhong), founder and first patriarch of the Tainshidao (“Way of the Celestial Masters”) movement within Daoism.Zhang settled in the Sichuan area and there studied Daoism sometime during the reign of Shundi (125–144) of the Dong (Eastern) Han dynasty. Zhang claimed to have received a revelation from the great sage Laozi and began to prophesy the coming of a time called Great Peace (Taiping). According to tradition, he composed the Xiang’er commentary to the Daodejing to propagate his movement.