Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( in the Baltic)

Don’t ask me where about is this door in the Baltic.

I got locations all mixed up while travelling from Estonia, then south to Latvia and Lithuania.DSC_0362

However, this must be one of the most interesting doors I have seen.

It is colorful with contrasting colors, with a spider, a chain, a hand sticking out waiting to be shaken.

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( in the Baltic)

  1. Fascinating! I’m not sure whether it is welcoming, or intimidating…one has to wonder about who would open the door if one knocked!

    • Loss of appetite is not so good, but the IPad is good news. It is a very enjoyable and practical… tool? Thing? Take care.

    • She has finally agreed to visit her surgeon soon. She likes playing mahjong on the iPad and viewing YouTube songs and movies. At her old age and with no previous exposure, she has done well.

    • I’m glad about the “soon” visit. πŸ™‚ My mother taught me mahjong a long time ago. My parent had a beautiful set bought in Hong-Kong in the 50’s I think. (Wonder where that is?) (And I don’t think I remember how to play any more… 😦
      Be good my friend

    • I guess mom is facing another challenge. As one who doesn’t have a strong faith in God, I thank you very much for praying for my mom. I hope God will look kindly upon her again and extend her mercy. Regards, Michael

    • Can’t sleep much tonight. So woke up and “work” instead. The reports will be out today. . . . I am not hopeful. Have been praying, hope that God will listen to my humble request, but God has His own plan.

    • Well, I truly sympathize with you. Now bear in mind that even if reports are… not good, most times there are still things to do. Take care Michael.

    • Mom has cancer recurrence with cancer spread to ovary, now has tumour of almost four inches, pressing against the intestine. Very depressing. Hope God has mercy on us.

    • My dear Michael. I’m very sorry. Now it seems to be very localized. And i’m sure can be removed surgically. Plus chemio should be able to arrange things. But it is a fact that you and your family have to be strong. (I know. I’ve been there) take a deep breath and fight. Brian

    • Not sure it is localized, the report talks of possibly periltoneal met. She is too old (88) for yet another operation. I know I need to be brave. Regards, Michael

    • Yeah. We all end up having to care for our older parents as they age. And it is tough. I’ve been there. Do what is best for her and see her as much as possible. Some times it’s about all one can do. Take care. Brian

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