Weekly Photo Challenge; Half and Half (Angkor)

This week’s photo challenge theme is Close Up photography.

As one who doesn’t take almost any macro photos, I will continue with the theme of the previous DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half.DSC_0362

The picture was taken at Angkor Wat.

Perhaps, this is so well known and wouldn’t need any introduction.

Please enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Half and Half (Angkor)

  1. Did you modify the color? The yellow cast seems unfamiliar–not combined with the usual sunset or sunrise peach or purple or blue tones I’m familiar with.

  2. Part of the challenge of getting that shot is having crowds of tourists in it. We were at Angkor a few months ago, and even before sunrise there where throngs of people at the very spot where you took this photo. Well done!

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